10 cholesterol tips

The balanced diet reinforces health, the fight against excess cholesterol mainly through a change in eating habits. Here are 10 evil ideas to fight the enemy of our arteries.


  1. I cook !
  2. I renew my cooking utensils
  3. I am going to the market
  4. I vary my diet
  5. I still have reservations
  6. I cook with vegetable oils
  7. I choose my anti-cholesterol cheese
  8. I discover soy
  9. I say STOP fried
  10. I move every day

No mystery, you have understood to eat healthy, it is necessary to put the hand in the dough . Coup de chance, the kitchen is making a comeback: getting into the kitchen is now very trendy! We are offered cooking classes with talented chefs and cookbooks, as beautiful as they are appetizing. As it is fashionable, we can with a little luck convince husband, children and teens to help us shell the peas. And our grandmothers will be happy to pass on their secrets!

I renew my cooking utensils

I renew my nonstick frying pans if they hang and I put on a wok , the ideal to prepare in the blink of an eye crunchy vegetables accompanied by poultry or fish. And let’s be crazy, I offer myself a steamer  ! With him, we always have good: it is ideal for the preparation of vegetables, fish and poultry (only healthy and light) with a fat- free cooking and which largely preserves the vitamin content of food . All raised and embellished with fresh herbs, spices, herbs , peppers, tomato coulis, onions, shallots … I enjoy it!

I am going to the market

To enjoy and share family fish two to three times a week and vegetables and fruits every day , I rely on good products. Going to market regularly allows you to become familiar with the diversity of species, change your habits by eating seasonal foods and learn a multitude of tips and recipes on art and how to prepare and accompany mackerel , ray, tuna, wolf etc.

I vary my diet

Anti-cholesterol does not mean monotonous. It’s not just salmon-green vegetables in life. There is also couscous, excellent combination of vegetables, cereals and pulses, sushi and sashimi, vegetarian dishes of the Indian restaurant, blanquettes of veal or fish, Lasagna Bolognese or vegetables with a thin layer of cheese, oysters from the brewery next door and mussels or steak tartare, … without fries that goes without saying.

I still have reservations

Once or twice a month, I stock up on frozen foods and groceries to always have vegetable soups and purées , precooked vegetables, precooked vegetables, tomato coulis, fruit, fish in a net. , natural tuna, rice, pasta, pulses, cooked or fast cooking … Healthy, good that is prepared in 15 minutes. I limit the flamekueches, quiches, puffs, breaded products, moussaka, nuggets, chocolate fondants and ice creams, rich in certain saturated fats , fats most frequently of animal origin whose excess favors the increase of the bad cholesterol in the blood.

I cook with vegetable oils

I cook in olive oil , rich in monounsaturated fatty acids , a family of fatty acids that behaves in a neutral way against cholesterol. For seasonings, I opt for rapeseed oil, or for combinations of oils, rich in omega 3 , a family of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Regularly, I use sunflower oil, rich in omega 6, another family of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that help lower blood cholesterol levels .

I choose my anti-cholesterol cheese

No question of giving up the pleasure of cheese and its benefits such as its calcium and protein intake ! Everything is a story of balanced diet! If I suffer from excess cholesterol, I can either monitor my consumption of certain foods that may contain some saturated fatty acids, or opt for a lighter version.

I discover soy

Studies have shown that soy protein, if consumed daily and to some extent, helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. The higher the rate, the greater the cholesterol lowering effect of soy. Rich in good quality protein, which is an alternative to meat, soy also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. The soy that I can take in the form of drink (tonyu), yogurt or tofu, then makes a big entrance in my kitchen .

A tofu recipe? Simplissime for 2 people in a gratin dish I put 200 g diced tofu, 2 zucchini cut in fine slices, 2 mini aubergines, 1 carrot cut into thin sticks, 1 pepper sliced ​​into thin strips, 1 onion chopped, thyme , 2 tablespoons olive oil and baked for 35 to 40 min. A delight!

I say STOP fried

Cooking in an oil bath negates all the efforts made to control the consumption of fat . The food is soaked in oil, which significantly increases the intake of fat and calories. When they are pre-cooked (frozen) or prepared outside the home (fastfood, restaurants …), fried foods are often immersed in hydrogenated oils, rich in saturated fatty acids and sometimes in trans fatty acids , two families of acids. fat which, taken in excess, is unfavorable to the health of the heart.

I move every day

Physical activity prevents clogging of the arteries by promoting the increase of good cholesterol . Every day, I do my 30 minutes of physical activity and 1 to 3 times a week I practice brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, tai chi, yoga, etc. These activities help protect cardiovascular health, maintain a healthy weight, improve sleep, and feel less stressed and in a better mood

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