control your salt impulses Weight Loss 

How to control your salt impulses?

An annoyance, a moment of boredom, and you throw yourself on the packet of chips, which you finish without noticing. Here’s how to finish with this reflex. You do not know how to resist the temptation before a slice of sausage or a piece of cheese, and that even without being hungry? Follow the advice of our nutrition expert,, to control your salt impulses and keep the line. The 4 tips can not crack on the salty Do not buy irresistible products. Banish from your shopping list products that make you crack and…

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Passive smoking: attention danger! Health 

Passive smoking: attention danger!

Tobacco is the daily companion of nearly 13 million and a half French. While the smoking-related risks for smokers are significant, those for non-smokers who experience smoke are just as dangerous to their health. The smoke of a cigarette, pipe or cigar contains harmful substances even in small doses: a minimal exposure can trigger or aggravate a pathology. Who is concerned ? Tobacco smoke contains many chemical elements dangerous to health. Nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde … They are inhaled by the smoker, but also by his entourage (secondary smoke). This is called passive…

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Some ideas to avoid food waste Food 

Some ideas to avoid food waste

Why are we talking more and more about the fight against food waste? Studies on this subject show that each French throws an average of 20 kg of food per year in the trash! 20kg !!! It is enormous!!! 7 kg of food still packed, 13 kg leftovers of meals, fruits and vegetables damaged and not consumed … which represents more than 400 € thrown by the windows and it is a pity. Of course, it is not always easy to use the remaining dishes. Especially when you have prepared or bought too much. When you recycle…

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Differences between Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Care 

Differences between Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people are afraid to visit the dentist. It has been a presumption associated with the painful extraction of teeth that has been evident in our society and people are simply frightened at the idea of ​​looking for an appointment with the french dentist in Dubai. But, if you really want to have perfect teeth and a great smile, then a visit to the dental clinic with pleasant atmosphere and explain the big difference between cosmetic dentistry vs dental esthetics. The dental cosmetic dentistry today is seen as a quite…

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