8 natural remedies to fight a voltage dropHealth 

8 natural remedies to fight a voltage drop

Those who do not suffer from it find it difficult to understand the phenomenon, but the drop in blood pressure can be a serious daily handicap. Fatigue, nausea, trembling and sudden discomfort, just make you want to lie down and wait to have recovered some forces. Fortunately, these natural remedies boost the body and help prevent or eliminate these moments of weakness.

Although much less dangerous than high blood pressure, hypotension is no less uncomfortable. As a result of too low blood pressure, it causes the impression of being drained of all energy and may even lead to fainting. If in some cases it is a sign of a disease such as hypothyroidism, diabetes or iron deficiency, for others unfortunately, it is only the result of heredity. But that does not prevent to treat it thanks to different natural possibilities:


Essential oils

Peppermint stimulates the heart muscle and helps restore normal blood pressure. Clove is a neurotonic that boosts metabolism and increases blood circulation. And carrot essential oil is known to promote the contraction of blood vessels and therefore the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.


Herbal teas

Infusions of licorice, hawthorn, sage or rosemary have positive effects on hypotension. If we can find many versions all ready in the trade, they will always be more efficient in house production. Warm water with cinnamon or grated ginger is also very effective.



Since salt is often responsible for high blood pressure, it is tempting to salt food abundantly to help raise blood pressure. A solution all but beneficial in the long term since it can lead to water retention and clogged arteries. Rather than opting for refined salt, we favor naturally salted foods such as green olives, roquefort, capers, anchovies or pancetta, but without excess. And by consulting his doctor to be sure not to barter a little harm against a much more serious problem.


The water

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of hypotension. Consuming 1.5 to 2 liters of water ensures good blood circulation, by increasing the blood volume. On the contrary, alcohol tends to dilate the vessels and lower blood pressure.



Ginseng, sea buckthorn or guarana, increase the tone and are very effective physical stimulants. In the absence of being able to cure the falls of tension, they are precious allies in the event of blow of slack.


The sport

Endurance is the key to getting rid of this unpleasant phenomenon. For this, nothing beats physical exercise and especially cycling, walking, swimming and running.


The food

Dried fruits help regulate blood pressure, starchy foods rich in carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta and bread give you energy and dark chocolate is very good for the arteries.


Know your body

Being frequently subject to blood pressure also helps develop reflexes to prevent them. Like frequent eating to counter the peaks of fatigue and hypoglycemia, or do not get up too suddenly not to ask his body a massive influx of blood in the legs, with risk of hypotension. And banish as much as possible overheated places. Listening to how your body works is one of the best ways to avoid those moments of weakness.

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