3 things to know about abdominal fat Weight Loss 

3 things to know about abdominal fat

Well hidden under the muscles of the abdominal wall, visceral fat increases the risk of diabetes, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. The fat of our body is not the same everywhere, it varies according to the zone where it is and can have more or less important consequences on our health. Fat deposits in the abdomen, called visceral fat or abdominal fat , are thought to be associated with increased risk of various diseases such as diabetes, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. It is not about the subcutaneous fat of…

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8 natural remedies to fight a voltage drop Health 

8 natural remedies to fight a voltage drop

Those who do not suffer from it find it difficult to understand the phenomenon, but the drop in blood pressure can be a serious daily handicap. Fatigue, nausea, trembling and sudden discomfort, just make you want to lie down and wait to have recovered some forces. Fortunately, these natural remedies boost the body and help prevent or eliminate these moments of weakness. Although much less dangerous than high blood pressure, hypotension is no less uncomfortable. As a result of too low blood pressure, it causes the impression of being drained of all energy…

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work the abs does not make the stomach flat Weight Loss 

Why work the abs does not make the stomach flat?

It may happen that people dreaming of having chocolate bar abs sit for hours in the gym without noticing satisfying results. Why ? According to Canadian sports coach and nutritionist Harley Pasternak, who works with stars like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, the training that directly targets the abs will not give you what you expect. Asked by the Business Insider website, the specialist recommends other types of exercises: walking, back strengthening. Indeed, even the least athletic among us have abdominal muscles. But in some people, they are covered by a layer of…

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stimulate weight loss while sleeping Weight Loss 

How to stimulate weight loss while sleeping

The last meal of the day, the darkness and the temperature of the bedroom, as well as the time spent sleeping, have an influence on metabolism and digestion. By controlling these factors, you can help your body stay in shape. Do you dream of losing weight without making any effort? Here’s how to help the body burn some extra calories while you sleep. The meal If you consume a large meal shortly before going to bed, your body will need a lot of time to digest it . At the time of the deep sleep phase, the…

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fight against hot flashes with food Food 

How to fight against hot flashes with food?

There is something fascinating about the way a woman’s body is programmed, but the path is sometimes dotted with small (or big) inconveniences. This is the case of hot flashes that often accompany menopause . Fortunately, ladies, it is possible to calm your internal thermostat by adopting certain dietary practices. First, some definitions The Menopause is officially installed when a year has passed since the last menstrual period [1] . The dreaded hot flashes sometimes appear a few years before this pivotal moment, during the period of perimenopause , characterized by an irregular menstrual cycle. That said, it is usually during the first…

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For the first time, breast cancer has been cured by immunotherapy Cancer 

For the first time, breast cancer has been cured by immunotherapy

It’s a world first. A patient with advanced breast cancer was completely cured with an experimental treatment. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda and the University of Richmond in the United States have developed an immunotherapy treatment that has been successful in overcoming a cancerous tumor. Aged 49, the patient was in critical condition. Metastatic cancer had spread to other organs, including the liver. But thanks to this experimental treatment, she is totally cured. It’s been two years since she’s fully recovered. The researchers were able to establish that this “highly personalized”…

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Psoriasis: what to eat to reduce symptoms Food 

Psoriasis: what to eat to reduce symptoms

Psoriasis is an incurable skin disease (for the moment). Studies have shown that diet can play a role in improving symptoms, as well as plaque frequency and even silencing all symptoms. The psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect both sexes at any age. If she is benign, it has repercussions on the social life of patients. The good news is that proper nutrition can reduce flare-ups, improve symptoms and even silence the disease. What studies say Omega 3 Several studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial as monotherapy or in…

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Get out of the depression with appropriate care Depression 

Get out of the depression with appropriate care

Depression is a common disease, but still poorly known by those who suffer from it. To avoid a worsening of the situation, it is recommended to consult your doctor at the first sign. Better know and recognize depression Depression is one of the most common psychiatric illnesses. The causes of depression are extremely varied. They originate as much in family or professional factors, as in the vulnerability of each. It is neither a fatality nor a weakness of character: it is an illness in its own right . However, depression is still poorly known and misdiagnosed. People who suffer from it are…

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Minimize the risk of food poisoning Food 

Minimize the risk of food poisoning

With the arrival of the picnic season, the risk of food poisoning is increasing, thus spoiling the pleasure of summer lovers. In 2016, nearly 1,500 group food poisoning cases were reported in France, affecting approximately 14,000 people, including 3 who died , according to figures from the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance . The global food economy promotes a production system sometimes thousands of kilometers away from the distribution site, using bulk packaging to simplify food preparation at home and in the restaurant. Meat, poultry and fish can come from huge farms where hundreds of thousands of animals…

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More and more French people are consuming organic Food 

More and more French people are consuming organic

The appetite of French for organic products does not weaken, to the point of creating situations of shortage. The French spent 500 million euros more in the first half of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, more than 14% according to figures published by Agence Bio . In 2016, the organic market represented 7 billion euros. According to the Agency, nearly 9 out of 10 French people say that they have consumed “bio” at least once in 2016, and 69% say they eat at least once a month. The number of new French…

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