10 cholesterol tips

The balanced diet reinforces health, the fight against excess cholesterol mainly through a change in eating habits. Here are 10 evil ideas to fight the enemy of our arteries. Summary I cook ! I renew my cooking utensils I am going to the market I vary my diet I still have reservations I cook with vegetable oils I choose my anti-cholesterol cheese I discover soy I say STOP fried I move every day No mystery, you have understood to eat healthy, it is necessary to put the hand in the dough . Coup de…

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Cholesterol: are food supplements effective? Cholesterol 

Cholesterol: are food supplements effective?

It is difficult to cross dairy products without seeing yogurt and margarine enriched with plant sterolsor omega-3 stamped “to lower cholesterol”. In pharmacy or on the net, these substances are found in food supplements. Someone who has an excess of cholesterol might be tempted to turn to this type of product thinking they are more harmless than drugs, especially statins. Is this really the case? The answers differ depending on the compound. Phytosterols: a drop of about 10% that poses question Phytosterols block the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, a dose of 1.5 to 2.5 g / day…

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