control your salt impulses Weight Loss 

How to control your salt impulses?

An annoyance, a moment of boredom, and you throw yourself on the packet of chips, which you finish without noticing. Here’s how to finish with this reflex. You do not know how to resist the temptation before a slice of sausage or a piece of cheese, and that even without being hungry? Follow the advice of our nutrition expert,, to control your salt impulses and keep the line. The 4 tips can not crack on the salty Do not buy irresistible products. Banish from your shopping list products that make you crack and…

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3 things to know about abdominal fat Weight Loss 

3 things to know about abdominal fat

Well hidden under the muscles of the abdominal wall, visceral fat increases the risk of diabetes, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. The fat of our body is not the same everywhere, it varies according to the zone where it is and can have more or less important consequences on our health. Fat deposits in the abdomen, called visceral fat or abdominal fat , are thought to be associated with increased risk of various diseases such as diabetes, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. It is not about the subcutaneous fat of…

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work the abs does not make the stomach flat Weight Loss 

Why work the abs does not make the stomach flat?

It may happen that people dreaming of having chocolate bar abs sit for hours in the gym without noticing satisfying results. Why ? According to Canadian sports coach and nutritionist Harley Pasternak, who works with stars like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, the training that directly targets the abs will not give you what you expect. Asked by the Business Insider website, the specialist recommends other types of exercises: walking, back strengthening. Indeed, even the least athletic among us have abdominal muscles. But in some people, they are covered by a layer of…

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stimulate weight loss while sleeping Weight Loss 

How to stimulate weight loss while sleeping

The last meal of the day, the darkness and the temperature of the bedroom, as well as the time spent sleeping, have an influence on metabolism and digestion. By controlling these factors, you can help your body stay in shape. Do you dream of losing weight without making any effort? Here’s how to help the body burn some extra calories while you sleep. The meal If you consume a large meal shortly before going to bed, your body will need a lot of time to digest it . At the time of the deep sleep phase, the…

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