Differences between Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people are afraid to visit the dentist. It has been a presumption associated with the painful extraction of teeth that has been evident in our society and people are simply frightened at the idea of ​​looking for an appointment with the french dentist in Dubai. But, if you really want to have perfect teeth and a great smile, then a visit to the dental clinic with pleasant atmosphere and explain the big difference between cosmetic dentistry vs dental esthetics.

The dental cosmetic dentistry today is seen as a quite distinct and different from ordinary dental line. The traditional procedures of odontology help us to obtain a set of teeth that work perfectly to properly chew our food.

The dentist ensures that there is no tooth decay on the teeth and that they are not rotting. It is a practice that emphasizes good oral hygiene. But cosmetic dentistry is very different, where the approach is different. In cosmetic dentistry, the goal is to focus on the appearance of the teeth and what it exposes to the public.

Cosmetic dentistry deals not only with our dental health, but also with how the tooth set looks. In a way, the field is more about the aesthetics of a person and the treatments that are associated with improving one’s appearance for others.

Therefore, these procedures are not just an appointment session followed by cleaning or extraction, but may also involve a process of tooth whitening and placement of a dental device ( orthodontics , braces, invisalign invisible orthodontics technique ). Certain patients also must undergo a painful root canal procedure, although the teeth do not rot and replace with a new or false one.


Aesthetic dentistry includes several dental treatments which, on occasion, are combined in the best way to obtain a result as you had imagined.

The main treatments that esthetic dentistry includes are the following:

  • Dental veneers are the treatment par excellence of aesthetic dentistry. They are thin sheets that are placed on the vestibular surface of the aesthetic teeth. These sheets can be made from different materials, such as porcelain or composite resins, and their choice depends on several factors which the specialist takes into account to choose the best type of veneers that suits the particular case.
  • Tooth whitening gel with a special light is included in the aesthetics since the main objective of this type of treatment is the improvement of the color of the teeth, thus obtaining a whiter shade of them.
  • The correction of the position of the teeth through orthodontics is not an aesthetic treatment, but with innovations in this sector of dentistry, very esthetic orthodontic systems have appeared, such as Invisalign invisible orthodontics. Thanks to this type of orthodontics no one will know that an orthodontic treatment is being performed and the teeth will move to their desired position by controlling desired forces.
  • Coronary lengthening is included in esthetic dentistry because thanks to it a contouring of the gum of the tooth is obtained to improve the size of the teeth, obtain a good aesthetic result and a pleasant smile.

Thanks to the dental aesthetics, pleasant and natural smiles are created, improving the color of the teeth, the position of them, and the correction of the shape of the teeth.

You have to know how to differentiate cosmetic dentistry vs dental esthetics

It is important that you consult an aesthetic dentist and not just a regular dentist in this regard. These two lines are not the same; However, a cosmetic dentist can also provide the same services as the ordinary dentist. The usual dentist (not an esthetic surgeon) is not trained nor does he have the experience in performing aesthetic treatments on patients. Therefore, before making an appointment, make sure that the dental esthetician has had experience in performing these procedures.

When you visit a cosmetic dentist, do not expect the procedures to be done in one or two sessions. If there is a lot to treat in the teeth, you can be sure to visit the dentist frequently or according to the scheduled appointment. This type of treatment in some cases can be expensive but the benefits are incalculable and for a lifetime. That is why it is important to understand the difference between cosmetic dentistry vs dental esthetics.

This is the reason why you should research and get an adequate idea of ​​the techniques and procedures of cosmetic dentistry as a whole before making a decision. There must be a total commitment involved in the treatment involved, but you will only waste time and money.

Schedule a visit to the dentist

Last, but not least, you have to go with your child to the children’s clinic in Dubai for a dental review in semester. This visit has to occur twice a year and in this way ensure that the family’s dental health is on track.