Get out of the depression with appropriate care

Depression is a common disease, but still poorly known by those who suffer from it. To avoid a worsening of the situation, it is recommended to consult your doctor at the first sign.

Better know and recognize depression

Depression is one of the most common psychiatric illnesses. The causes of depression are extremely varied. They originate as much in family or professional factors, as in the vulnerability of each. It is neither a fatality nor a weakness of character: it is an illness in its own right .

However, depression is still poorly known and misdiagnosed. People who suffer from it are few to consult a health professional: either because depressed people do not consider themselves as such, or because they do not know who (or which structure) to turn to.

Depression or depression?

The symptoms of depression are very specific. This is not sadness or transient depression. To talk about depression, one must observe at least two of the following three signs over a prolonged period (usually two weeks): constant sadness often associated with crying, loss of interest in initially pleasant activities, abnormal and persistent fatigabilitydespite rest .

But depression is not limited to these symptoms. There are also other commonly associated disorders such as pessimism, self-deprecation, loneliness, lack of appetite, poor or worse sleep , thoughts about death and suicide.

Adults are not the only ones affected by depression. Signs are specific to children and adolescents. At the slightest doubt, it is advisable to talk to the doctor without delay.

Namely : to prevent suicidal tendencies among young people, the CPAM of Paris is partner of the association laVita , to act with this fragile population. Suicide is recognized as a public health problem. There are approximately 200,000 suicide attempts and 80,000 attempted hospitalizations, and 27 deaths per day in France. Suicide prevention is important.

Consult the complete guide on depression (PDF – 3,2 MB) – Public Health France

Only appropriate care can prevent an aggravation

Untreated or poorly managed, depression can have serious consequences : relapse, persistence of certain symptoms, progression to chronic depression, risk of attempted suicide.

It is therefore essential to consult a health professional in case of doubt or any depressive symptoms .

The attending physician is the contact person to seek first to obtain a first diagnosis. If the doctor detects a depressive episode , he offers the patient and his entourage a real therapeutic project over several months. Also note that depression may take a recurrent form and be considered a long-term condition (ALD).

Good to know

Recognition of depression in ALD (long-term condition)

Some situations may qualify for recognition of depression as a long-term condition (ALD). This is the case of the recurrent form of depression, which includes at least three depressive episodes. An ALD recognized depression gives access to a 100% care of care related to this pathology (within the limits of the rates applied by the Health Insurance): do not hesitate to seek advice from the attending