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How to control your salt impulses?

An annoyance, a moment of boredom, and you throw yourself on the packet of chips, which you finish without noticing. Here’s how to finish with this reflex.

You do not know how to resist the temptation before a slice of sausage or a piece of cheese, and that even without being hungry? Follow the advice of our nutrition expert,, to control your salt impulses and keep the line.

The 4 tips can not crack on the salty

  1. Do not buy irresistible products. Banish from your shopping list products that make you crack and do not store in your closets.
  2. Choose the good fats. Opt for those that do not contain too much saturated, trans or hydrogenated fats. In summary, you can eat a little raw butter in the morning, rapeseed oil, nuts in your salads, sardines, mackerel for their omega-3. The sardine, even in a box, is the absolute champion for its richness in omega-3.
  3. Prefer fish to meat. Some fish provide 15 to 25 g / 100 g of protein that satiates longer than those of meat, including tuna, salmon … In addition, fish from cold seas contain a lot of omega-3.
  4. Bet on dairy products. They contain caseins, called “slow proteins” because they provide a lasting digestive satiety.
  5. Your 5 antifringales foods
  1. A slice of turkey breast, for its 22 g / 100 g of satiating proteins.
  2. A slice of black bread because its low glycemic index does not cause a sharp increase in blood sugar.
  3. One or two squares of tofu because it provides vegetable proteins that satisfy. It is low in calories and low in fat.
  4. A branch of raw celery because it is low in calories (20 calories per 100 g) and provides staple fibers.
  5. A soup Kot (in some pharmacies, Kot shops and on the Internet), because it is high protein, rich in caseins and therefore satiating, and its glycemic index is low.
  6. A week of menus against salt impulses
  7. Monday
  • Breakfast: 2 slices of turkey breast + 2 slices of black bread (pumpernickel) + tea or coffee without sugar
  • 30 min before lunch: 1 yogurt
  • Lunch: salad (1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of rapeseed oil, lemon, herbs, 1 teaspoon of vinegar) + 120 g of grilled chicken breast , candied turnips, 1 small bowl of basmati rice + 1 clementine
  • Snack: 1 portion tomme sheep + tea, coffee or infusion without sugar
  • 30 min before dinner: 1 small Swiss nature
  • Dinner: free. Avoid bread, sauces, fries. Limit yourself to a glass of red wine (very good quality)

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