Some ideas to avoid food wasteFood 

Some ideas to avoid food waste

Why are we talking more and more about the fight against food waste? Studies on this subject show that each French throws an average of 20 kg of food per year in the trash! 20kg !!! It is enormous!!!

  • 7 kg of food still packed,
  • 13 kg leftovers of meals, fruits and vegetables damaged and not consumed … which represents more than 400 € thrown by the windows and it is a pity.

Of course, it is not always easy to use the remaining dishes. Especially when you have prepared or bought too much. When you recycle all of these foods instead of discarding them, you realize significant savings. So, here are some ideas that we hope will help you participate in the fight against waste and at the same time make significant savings.

1. Plan your menus:

Foreseeing your menus for the week in advance is a good way to buy only what you will need. You will find in this article balanced menus always validated by Elodie, the nutritionist of the site.

2. Prepare your shopping list in advance:

From the menus that you have planned for a week or more, list the foods you will need for their realization. But, consider what’s left in your fridge, freezer and pantry. A good way not to be caught off guard if menu change at the last minute is to have sufficient reserves s  hand. And do not forget to list them on your list when food is missing from your supply.

3. When shopping:

Pay attention to dates so you have time to consume food. Take the products that indicate the date furthest from the date of the day of your purchases. And, do not hesitate to take the products at the bottom of the shelf rather than those that seem most accessible. In fact, the products stored at the bottom of the shelves are those with the longest expiry date.

An important thing too, stick to your list. And, do not succumb to the temptation to buy products on promotion or head of gondola. Indeed, they are rarely good business. You may buy food that you do not need and that is more expensive than the food on the shelves.

Check that the packaging is in good condition and open the egg cartons to see if they are broken.

Buy frozen and fresh foods last and put them in an insulated bag to avoid breaking the cold chain which could damage your food.

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