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Why it’s better to be treated by a woman in case of heart attack

Want to put all the chances on your side in case of infarction? According to a study by researchers at the prestigious Harvard University, for that, it is better to be treated by a woman.

Indeed, the study just published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that the probability of death decreases by 5.4% when a woman suffering from an infarction is treated by a female doctor. A huge difference, based on the analysis of more than 500,000 cases of patients admitted to emergency for myocardial infarction in Florida hospitals between 1991 and 2010.

Infarction symptoms different according to sex

The reason for this surprising mortality decline? The symptoms of a heart attack differ from those of men in women, and male doctors would have more trouble treating patients. The longer a male doctor cared for women during his career, the less likely his patients would die in his hands. But in doubt, in case of discomfort, we gather our breath and we demand to be treated by a woman.

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